Uniting young peace-builders within the sacred space of Altai

International Youth Festival for Social Creativity
Altai Republic (Russia) • July 1-17, 2007

This year, international delegations are being invited from communities around the world, each consisting of four young people (age 13-18) and an adult coordinator, all from the same locale.

Participation is open, and all are welcome. Altai Mir University is actively seeking the international delegates and funding for them as needed.

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The “Earth Children” International Youth Festival for Social Creativity builds lasting global peace and radically enhances life options for young participants (especially those exposed to civil and military strife). An international team of coordinators, masters, and young instructors from all over Russia and the world will bring them together in a safe, beautiful, natural setting, and offer a functional, global worldview and practical tools for inter-cultural communication and collaborative action. (Participants must register no later than May 15, 2007.)

Project Description
At the Festival, children and adults from around the world will learn together to create harmonious relationships with nature, each other, and the world. They will learn to awaken inner energy and manifest their dreams; to work collaboratively, yet take total responsibility for their own projects and life on Earth. They will make plans for an on-going international youth festival program in Altai. The deeply founded culture of peace in Altai is modeled by the local indigenous leaders who are stewards to this sacred land and hosts for the festival. As much as possible, the Festival will be conducted in tandem with the international “Earth Is a Garden of Peoples” Expedition .

To accomplish the plans they develop jointly, the International youths are encouraged to continue working together after they return home, with the help of the adult coordinators from their region. Altai Mir University will continue to be the support system for the international youths. The Planet 3000 team, which is coordinating participants inside Russia, will be the support system for youths from Altai.

Together, we are creating a dynamic mechanism for exchange of cultural heritage. Celebrations are created as a means for developing self-organization and self-responsibility, cooperation, consent, harmony, and individual and collective creativity for life. The logic of the day is devoted to developing a living system of interrelated, logically connected steps, and creating increasing resonance and unity. There will be many master classes, so that everybody can realize him/herself and obtain different skills for life.

As the nomad “new town” lives as a self-organized, self-sufficient community of “families,” some “services for self-organization” will create conditions for a self-sufficient life, enhancing inner responsibility, self-organization, and confidence to the ability to really create life. These are:

  1. Organizing and managing camp service. On duty for preparing firewood, cooking, tidying up the camp, cleaning the territory in and around the camp.
  2. “Legend” - an informational service. Writing a living legend, as well as documenting by video, audio, and photography, describing everything happening at the camp, to spread the word.
  3. Analytical - a technological service. Collecting all the statistics for reflecting the growing development of life in the camp, making interviews, and all kinds of research. Collecting all the programs of master classes and daily reflections of participants of the festival.
  4. “Life Celebration” service. Creating spontaneous life scenarios including all the “families” into the process of creating celebrations. Creating a new living concept of art skills for life.
  5. Health creating service. Providing an easy and joyful awakening, morning “circles of health” for collective morning exercises and “tuning in to the day.”
Every evening, a “published” press release summarizes the day, and a “Council of Elders” including the heads of all “families” analyzes the day in a “Gratitude Way” and plans the next day of the festival. Symbols of days will be co-created by means of educational games and Master classes on communicating with nature.

During the whole period together, youth and adults will create collaborative, many-leveled projects for the future, with a program of interrelated actions to make these projects a reality.

Anyone interested in participating as a delegate or making a donation should contact us immediately. Any and all donations are welcome. Frequent flyer miles (Delta) that can be transferred would be most helpful.

(subject to change):

PART 1 - for Russia
Altai youth camp starts at the 1st of July, to harmonize different people from different regions.
  • 1 July, Sunday - “Greeting Altai” (Arrival to Ust-Koksa region - Oybok tourist camp).
  • 2 July, Monday - “Altai sacred” (Opening of a camp, creating “families” and services for self-organization).
  • 3 July, Tuesday - “Family” (creating seed cooperation and harmony).
  • 4 July, Wednesday - “People” (growing cooperation and harmony).
  • 5 July, Thursday - “Altai and the Earth” (My planet is my Earth).
PART 2 - for international delegation
  • 1 July, Sunday: Arrive Moscow.
  • 2 July, Monday: Sightseeing in Moscow. Night flight to Novosibirsk.
  • 3 July, Tuesday: Arrive Novosibirsk. Join with the “Earth Is a Garden of Peoples” Expedition. Meet with representatives of the “Anastasia" movement that is transforming Russia.
  • 4 July, Wednesday: Travel to “Altai Gates” near Biysk, by bus.
  • 5 July, Thursday: Travel to Gorno-Altaisk, capital of Altai Republic, by bus. “Earth is a Garden of Peoples” round table. Altai and New Time evening program.
  • 6 July, Friday: “Earth Is a Garden of Peoples.” Arrival of Altai Mir delegation. Camping. Common “Altai - Planet” circle.
  • 7 July, Saturday: “The Great Migration of Peoples” (Transfer to Ust-Koksa region). Camping, at “Altai sacred” ethno cultural center land in Ust-Koksa. Visit to ethno cultural center of Starovers and Altai. Russian Banya. Common Circle “Greeting Altai.”
  • 8-9 July: “New Town” (Transfer to Nizhniy Uimon - a place of future “International Music House” for children. Creating a place for a camp) . Conscious labor “New Town” celebration.
  • 10 July, Tuesday: “Peace Banner - past, present and future.” Visit to N. Roerich’s museum. Meeting people of the village. Transfer to Tungur village for a place for a future “Altai Sacred” ethocultural complex and Culture of Peace camp land.
  • 11 July, Wednesday: “A City of My Dream” - visiting AKKEM - a place of the former Akkem village. Collective creating an image of an international Altai Cultural Community for United World (ACCEM). Transfer to Tungur. Camping.
  • 12 July, Thursday: “Peace circle” - Transfer to Ust-Koksa. Collective art work for presentation of “Peace though Culture” project at the Altai Republic ethnocultural “Sources” festival in Ust-Koksa.
  • 13 July, Friday: “Creating Unity of Cultures” - Entering the circle of Altai Republic ethnocultural “Sources” festival and collective art presentation of ” Peace though Culture” project.
  • 14 July, Saturday: “Altai Is in My Heart - taking part in 200th anniversary celebration of Ust-Koksa village. An International GIFT for Ust-Koksa village (songs, performances expressing unity of cultures and a new world of PEACE by means of arts). Gratitude circle. Birthday of our “Peace through Culture” planetary team for co creating our common mission - a new world of peace for new generations.
  • 15 July, Sunday: Transfer to Ust-Kan - Gorno-Altaisk - Chuysky village
  • 16 July, Monday: Chuysky village. Russian Banya. Creating a joint program of cooperation. Happy Celebration “Altai Mir Planet” Departure for Novosibirsk .
  • 17 July, Tuesday: Novosibirsk. “Earth is a Garden of Peoples” round table. Transfer to airport.

Sponsored by:

  • Coauthors: Zhanna An - Ust-Kan; V. Kovalevskaya - Novosibirsk; G. Misurina - Kolcovo
  • Initiator: T. Akbashev - Pavlodar, Kazakstan
  • International coordinators: Carol Hiltner, USA; Nina Goncharova, Russia
  • Siberia coordinators: V. Kobalevskaya, G. Musyurina
  • Altai Republic coordinators: Å. Eshova - Onguday, S. Matina and Zh. An - Ust-Kan, S. Katinova - Ust-Koksa, Altai Republic
  • Altai region coordinator: Victor Vizer, Biysk
Organizing group at Altai:
  • Zh. An - initiator of info- and ethnocultural complex “Lad,” Ust-Kan
  • S. Matina - initiator of ethnocultural and educational complex “Ene,” Ust-Kan
  • S. Katiniva - initiator of ethnocultural complex “Altai Sacred,” Ust-Koksa, Tungur
  • N. Ivanova - tourist paths guide, Ust-Koksa
  • R. Zharova - Altai-Planet organizational director, Gorny village Novosibirsk region
  • V. Tchichler - director of college, Biysk
  • S. Platanov - initiator of “Altai is a land for noosphere” project, Gorno-Altaisk
International organizing group:
  • Jackie Stratton, Susan Quattrociocchi, Elena Kopteva, Carolyn Cilek, Maia Klevjer, Theresa Fornalski, Barbara Kennedy, Clarice Sieden - USA
  • Netra Kaphle - Nepal
  • Igor Zinger, David Kaplun - Israel
Web creators:
  • Claude Veziau, Canada
  • Carol Hiltner, USA
  • Alexander Vibornov, Russia
  • O. Damm, designer, Novosibirsk
Masters of social creativity technologies group:
  • V. Kovalevskaya - initiator of youth “Fraktal” organization, Novosibirsk
  • G. Misyurina - collective projective work, “collective painting for life” program master
  • O. Popova - initiator of youth organization “Neon,” Novosibirsk
  • T. Boyarkina - life celebration master, Ust-Ilimsk Irkutsk region
  • S. Varyushkin - a student of Novosibirsk Humanitarian Institute, organizer of programs of youth organization “Ikar,” Novosibirsk
  • V. Radionova - master of healing educational programs, Kazakstan
  • Theresa Fornalski - Master of music education and teaching music, a director for a children’s summer music camp, USA
  • Annibal Lisandro Liporini - Latin America music master class, Argentina
Translators group:
  • Ò. Katiniova
  • N. Goncharova
  • D. Safonov

Plan of Action

Event Dates Name
Planning mission in Altai Republic and cooperation with Government of Altai Republic, Altai people December 2006 C. Hiltner,
N. Goncharova and Altai team
Creating a draft of the program of festival and expedition for summer 2007 To March 1, 2007 Zh. An,
V. Kovalevskaya and interregional team
Altai delegation taking part in international conference “Innovative technologies for creating future” - Ufa, Russia March 1-3, 2007 E. Eshova,
Zh. An, S. Matina
Creating and publishing “Earth is a Garden of Peoples” brochure for presentation of the project in Ufa March 1, 2007 Î. Damm,
N. Goncharova
Creating web sites March, 2007 C. Hiltner,
N. Goncharova + team
Internet cooperation for creating a program and spreading a word by web March-June, 2007 C. Hiltner,
N. Goncharova + team
Youth meetings, creating a team of young instructors Twice monthly V. Kovalevskaya
International phone and internet conferences for with international coordinating team Weekly C. Hiltner + international team;
N. Goncharova + team
Fundraising and preparation of international youths; Preparatory work for official invitations, visas, etc. April-May, 2007 C. Hiltner + international team;
N. Goncharova + team
Planning mission to Altai Republic to conduct an “Altai and Perspectives of International Cooperation for Social Education and Culture for Life” round table with Altai Government; and to Onguday, Ust-Kan, Ust-Koksa, and Tyungur to prepare for summer events May, 2007 C. Hiltner;
N. Goncharova + team
11th “Education for World Citizens” Congress in the framework of 12th Ural-Planet Festival at Turgoyak Lake, with official Altai delegation June 27-29, 2007 V. Trutnev,
C. Hiltner,
N. Goncharova + team
“EARTH CHILDREN” International Youth Festival for Social Creativity - Ust-Kan and Ust-Koksa Regions of Altai Republic July 1-17, 2007 Organizing committee
Reports posted on websites August, 2007 C. Hiltner,
C. Veziau,
A. Vibornov
Publishing multilingual, Altai “Earth Children” book; documentary film editing August-October, 2007 V. Trutnev,
C. Hiltner,
N. Goncharova + team
(revised April 15, 2007)