A story about one cultural and educational mission at Altai

Novosibirsk • Biysk • Gorno-Altaisk • Chuysky village • Gorno-Altaisk Biysk •


(4-11 December 2006)

By Nina Goncharova


        Our truly legendary meeting with Carol Hiltner from USA is one more bright proof of the fact that it is we who realize our dreams. Life really knows HOW to manage things if we know what we want for the Common Good. At first sight, the fate of this amazing woman, who has created herself, may seem not to be connected with my dream about creating a planetary team for Altai and its Future. But on the other hand, it is a living example of the fact that we do attract all we need for our mission to be fulfilled.

        Meeting with Carol Hiltner appeared to be a real gift for both of us and for Altai’s Future. I do know for sure that her story will move everybody. To say more, it is a bright example of deep faith and trust in her Star in order to awaken her mission and go forward to her New Happy Fate and her real Home.

“When I came back to Seattle after visiting Altai,

I realized that Seattle is no longer my home.

My home is now Altai.

And if it is my home, I must take care of it.”

Carol Hiltner

        Carol Hiltner told me that, several years ago, she was like the majority of American women, heavy and ill. But one morning she had a dream, and woke with an invitation: “Please, come.” She got up and went over to her computer naked, almost sleeping, and asked: “Where?” And she wrote down the answer: “To Altai.” “Why me?” she wondered. “Why not you?” was the answer. Carol speaks about her adventures at Altai and about her mission, gotten from her Masters, in her Altai Chronicles: Tablets of Light book. It shook me with its sincere openness and her inspiration to fulfill her destined mission.

        So, Carol trekked to Belukha Mountain. She knew that she was to open a gate and to translate some Tablets. But there were neither gates nor tablets—only a hard trek to Belukha. She thought that she had failed with her mission, but when she arrived in Moscow after her Altai trip, she had another dream. She was this very gate and it was she as a pure, crystalline light. This was the message—for people to find a gate inside themselves.

        But still she had to translate the Tablets, so she came back to Altai the next year. This time she saw the Tablets, but there were no words—only light. Several times she came to Belukha and every time she felt and looked younger and healthier and also obtained a new sense of life. Since that invitation, she has visited Altai many times. She has brought her daughter and granddaughter on different trips and they trekked also. She speaks about her Altai mission very simply: “My heart is in Altai, and I’ll do my best to bring to Altai all the best opportunities we have in the Western world. And Altai’s light should be spread all over the world.”

        She felt the healing forces of Altai after her very first visit there. And after she came back to Seattle that first time, she suddenly felt her shoulder, which had been almost without movement for thirty years, healed as she was lying in her bed with her granddaughter. So, she really experienced Altai’s healing energy. Carol also realized that she wanted to help Altai people. During one of her Altai visits she met the Light Beings who invited her to come to Altai. In the spring of 2006 she felt that she should do more for Altai people and she decided to create an international group for Altai and paid out of her own pocket several thousand dollars to obtain a grant for the three of them to come, Takeshi Utsumi, Linda Israel and herself. Why? She wanted the three of them to effectively work with the Altai Government for Altai people. And she succeeded. They all arrived in September 2006 at Novosibirsk and Altai: Takeshi Utsumi—a Japanese man, professor and initiator of the GUS (Global University System) project; Linda Israel—author of MAMAS project, USA; and herself, founder of Altai Mir University.

        This was time for us to personally meet. Carol said that they would try to obtain another grant to come in November, but she added that if there was no grant she would come anyway. And here she was in Novosibirsk again in October-December, 2006. We went to Gorno-Altaisk together this time for our Common Endeavour.

        We lived in Gorno-Altaisk together for a week and I observed the way she acted and we both created this Legend. All day long, we were meeting people—students, nongovernmental organizations, members of Altai Government and El Kurultai (the Altai legislative body). This might seem to be a usual thing, so why do I call it unusual? I knew that all these things were done according to her desire to serve Altai people, her newly awakened great inner responsibility to help them awaken their own abilities and faith in their own inner forces. To say more, I knew that she sold her own house in Seattle that she had recently repaired with love. Why did she do it? She did it to have the opportunity to come to Altai. Now she is a guest in America, so I met one more Wanderer knowing her way.

        Carol told me that now she felt herself healthy, young and happy. You see her in this photo, becoming a slender woman without any artificial means.

From left to right: Pavel Pahaev, Nina Goncharova, Carol Hiltner, Victor Trutnev in the Ministry of Education of Altai Republic


        Every day I admired her capacity to be very self-organized and to appreciate her Altai mission every minute. And she had to act and do everything without knowing the Russian language, in another, very different country. When we alone before going to bed, we made a summary of every day, created a plan for the next day and spoke about life, laughing and feeling joy. One day she said: “To say the truth, it is not so easy to start my life in another country and to feel myself a guest in my own country.” But never have I heard a shade of grief, sadness or doubt. My heart sang that we had met.

        And we joked that now we were already two “crazy” women, who walked along the corridors of Altai Government, offices, and banks to help Altai people to see their own new horizons, as we both knew that a view from outside always gave new energy and new understanding. And I also knew for sure that as soon as we live together within one of our events either at Altai or any other place of Russia, then we will give birth to unbelievable Beauty through our common service to Altai and to peace in the world. “Altai Mir”—this is the name of her nonprofit organization specially created by her to attract resources from the USA and other countries to Altai.

        Meanwhile we had to move from the private, rather expensive hotel to our friends’ (Nataly and Nogon Shumarovs) flat. There we were setting ourselves up as small Altai Keepers. Carol played with Murat, Nogon and Natalie’s grandson, like a small girl, and they understood one another by speaking each their own language.

Murat Shumarov, a Young Altai Keeper, Gorno-Altaisk, 7 December 2006

(Carol took the photo)


At the end of the week, our Altai-Planet 3000 team arrived at Gorno-Altaisk to join us. They “came down from Mountains”—Ust-Kan and Onguday. They are devoted to Altai’s future people. We have been doing our accomplishments together—our Altai-Planet 3000 network of informational and ethnocultural educational centers all over Altai on the way to AKKEM international village.


Together for Altai future—with Alexander Alchubaev—director of El Bank,

Gorno-Altaysk, 10 December 3006


Altai-Planet 3000 part of the team: Masha Sotnikova - Byisk, Ival Chintinov - Ust-Kan, Ekaterina Eshova - Onguday, Svetlana Matina - Ust-Kan, Zhanna An - Ust-Kan, Nina Goncharova - Novosibirsk, Alexey and Galina (she is taking the photo) Sotnokovs - Biysk, Carol Hiltner - USA, “Altai-Mir University”


What are the results of our Altai visit? They are:

  • creating our joint team,
  • including people and integrating our thoughts and actions,
  • agreements with Altai Government,
  • creating relationships with Altai people - grown ups and children,
  • developing our joint project for creating a network of informational, ethnocultural, educational complexes at Altai, and
  • joining together our two projects—“Altai Mir University” and “Altai-Planet 3000”
  • now we are sure that there will be an Altai delegation at the 11th International Education for World Citizens Congress in 2007, which will be a united collective catalyst of new life at Altai
  • and one more result is that we have obtained each other and Altai in our souls.

Altai Spirit accepted us and took care of us, as the weather was rather warm.