Carol's Visionary Paintings
Inspire yourself with these light-filled, life-filled images that transmit Altai energy. Serve both yourself and all of Altai Mir University's projects by purchasing reproductions for your home and office.

Books About Altai
Delve beneath the surface, with writings based on the Altai experience.

Tablets of Light
Read and experience the transmission from Spirit that started this whole Altai project.

Chendek Ceiling Mural
Photos of Carol's whimsical mural in a tea house in Chendek Village. 2009

Painting Light
Intriguing photos of people waking up their creative power. Siberia, 2009

More Painting Light
Siberia, 2009. Information about organizing a "Painting Light" playshop

Tyungur Music Festival
Announcement of a new Altai traditional music festival. 2009.

Peace Quilts
Carol's seminal project for global "Oneness Awareness." Sixteen quilts were made by classes of schoolchildren and sewn by a child. Two big (8 foot diameter) round quilts were signed by hundreds of people. The first was signed by citizens; the second by elected federal official in the US and USSR. 1986-1990.