Current or Prior Collaborations
Letters Requesting Collaboration with Altai Mir University
Letters of Support to GUS/Altai Mir Fact-Finding Mission

We most enthusiastically thank those who have funded our projects: <
•  National Peace Foundation
•  The Eurasia Foundation
•  The Giving Ring
•  Government of Altai Republic
•  Siberian Academy for Public Administration

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We greatly appreciate our current and former collaborators:
•  especially Marina Tyasto, Head of International Relations Department, Siberian Academy
    of Public Administration (GUS/Altai Mir “secretariat”)
•  Svetlana Katynova, President of NCP "Sacred Altai" and a community activist dedicated
    to the sustaining and sharing the wisdom and strength of her Altai culture.
•  Tais and Leonid Bolgov, who have generously hosted Carol in the Ust Koksa region of
    Altai, and who maintain an open exhibition of more than 70 of Carol's Altai-inspired

•  E. Boyko, Rector, Siberian Academy of Public Administration
•  Victor Chernoskutov, Vice Rector for International Relations, Siberian Academy of Public
•  Tatiana Zharova, Gorno-Altaisk representative, Siberian Academy of Public Administration
•  Nina Goncharova, Coordinator of the “Planet 3000” Project, President of Siberian Center
    for Eurasian Projects

•  Lyudmila Komkova, NCP “Siberian Education-Consulting Center Connect
•  Lena Lebedeva, Director, World Wildlife Fund - Russia
•  Valery Yakubovsky, Mountain Rescue Service, Altai Republic
•  Galina Lebedeva, LenAlps / Vuisotnik Tourist Base

•  Sarah Harder, President, and Thomas Bertrand, Executive Director, of
    National Peace Foundation (US)
•  Takeshi Utsumi, Vice President of Global University System
•  Linda Hawkin Israel, Director of MAMAS

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We have letters requesting collaboration with Altai Mir University
from the following officials in Novosibirsk and Altai Republic:

•  T.M. Sadalova, Executive Secretary, National Committee for UNESCO, Altai Republic
•  Svetlana Buidisheva, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Altai Republic
•  Vitaliy Sogonokov, IT Department, Ministry of Finance, Altai Republic
•  Klara Erdakova, Vice-Head Ust Koksa Region, Altai Republic

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We have letters of support (large file: 2.5mb) from the following officials in Novosibirsk,
Altai Region and Altai Republic, from the GUS/Altai Mir Fact-Finding Mission:

•  M.I. Zotov, Minister of Economic Development, Altai Republic
•  Victor Trutnev, Minister of Education, Science and Youth Policy, Altai Republic
•  Ezher Tatin, Chairman of Committee on Entrepreneurship, Industry, Transport
    and Communication, Altai Republic

•  A.V. Efremov, Rector, Novosibirsk State Medical University
•  Yuri Gusev, Rector, Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management
•  N. V. Pustovoi, Rector, Novosibirsk State Technical University,
    including the Institute of Economics and Industrial Production SB RAS

•  V.A. Oblogin, Mayor of Gorno-Altaisk
•  R.B. Bukachakov, Head of Chemal Municipality
•  A.B. Sokolov, Head of Shebalino Municipality
•  A.A. Sherbakov, Head of Ongudai Municipality
•  S.N. Grechushnikov, Head of Ust-Koksa Municipality

•  T. Pahaeva, NGO “Orion”, representing a coalition of women’s foundations
•  N.G. Goncharova, Coordinator of the “Planet 3000” Project,
    President of Siberian Center of Eurasian Projects
•  N.V. Baranova, Executive Director, Project “Big Novosibirsk”

We have verbal commitment of support, but no letter yet from:
•  Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Construction
•  Ministry of culture of Altai Republic