Non-commercial partnership “Siberian Educational-Consulting Center Connect in Novosibirsk, implemented the joint Russian/American “Connective Leadership Project,” 1998-2006, in partnership with “Women of Vision,” Seattle, USA, with funding from USIA, BECA and FRAEC, as well as support from different Siberian and Far Eastern territories.

Using Future Search Conferences and Open Space Technology meetings in Siberia, Altai, and the Far East, women leaders collaborated to identify major social issues, as well as approaches and initiatives to address them, for women in Siberia and in rural territories.

The group achieved clarity in identifying problems and promoting interests of whole families and communities; great creativity and initiative in finding solutions; willingness to collaborate and join resources; ability to maintain connections and develop networking.

However, they also encounterd a lack of funding to support good initiatives, lack of experience in working with governmental structures and businesses for fundraising, loss of opportunities for sustainable development of NGOs without state and municipal support, lack of means of communication (internet, telephone, money for transport).

Contact: Marina Tyasto,