2011 International Altai Expedition
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Svetlana's Plea
Altai Mir University sponsored a visit to Altai by Tlingit Chief and international land rights expert Rudy James. 2008

20th Global Leadership Forum
Altai Mir University sponsored the 9th and 10th GLF. Novosibirsk, 2007-2008

Open World Report
Report on the Library of Congress-sponsored Open World Exchange, which brought four young Altai leaders to the American Southwest to meet with Native American colleagues. 2007

First “Earth Children” International Youth Leadership Exchange
An international group of young leaders gathered in Altai in Summer 2007

NY-DC Planning Trip
Support of the visit to NY by Urmat Yntaev, leader of the Altai musical group Altai Kai, to facilitate the international distribution of indigenous Altai music and throat-singing

Report on 2006 International Altai Expedition
The expedition included a strategic planning session with local leaders and an environmental clean-up