Bo'ochi Collective's Catalog
Description, price, and photos of exquisite organic fleece and wool clothing and bedding offered by the Bo'ochi Collective in Onguday. Distribution assistance is requested. 2010. 2mb pdf

2010-2015 Overview - Tyungur
Svetlana Katynova's plans for cultural centers in Tyungur Village at the base of Mt. Belukha

Sketch of Cultural Center Site - Tyungur
Plans for the public cultural center in a tradtional village format

Sponsorship Program for Sound Healing with Throat-Singing
Six talented young throat-singers work their way toward a traditional healing practice using sound. Sponsorship needed, especially for building materials for their new center in Tyungur

Open World Report
Report on the Library of Congress-sponsored Open World Exchange, which brought four young Altai leaders to the American Southwest to meet with Native American colleagues. 2008

Leadership Role of Universities in the Development of Altai Republic
Trans-regional "Open Space" strategic planning workshop in Novosibirsk. 2006

Sustainable Communication System in Altai Republic
Trans-regional "Open Space" strategic planning workshop in Gorno-Altaisk. 2006