Together, we access peace by bridging ancient wisdom with today's world.

  • The unique energy field of Altai is a resource for global renaissance.

  • The best of the carefully sustained wisdom of indigenous cultures forms a framework for sustainable human existence on Earth.

  • The valuable culture and ecology of the Altai region are internationally nurtured according to local indigenous leadership, so that the legacy is available to meet global needs, especially the health and spiritual resources for which the region is renowned.

  • Special efforts are made to find positive, inclusive solutions to the issue of land registration and ownership—especially communal and ancestral lands.

Altai Mir University is a re-invention of the ancient idea of "university" as a universal or "whole systems" repository of wisdom that is transmitted experientially or vicariously.

We support the unique indigenous culture of peace of the Altai region of Russia through transmission of information across cultures through the arts, leadership exchanges and development, and international advocacy.

Building on a carefully cultivated and diverse network of local, regional, and international resources, the university's initial tracks are:

  • International reception and utilization of the unique contributions of Altai culture and heritage to the world;

  • Preservation of indigenous land rights and cultural heritage, including ancestral lands;

  • Leadership development and exchanges, and trans-regional strategic planning, focusing on youth, women, and indigenous peoples.

Numerous letters of support for this program have been received from universities, governmental agencies, and NGOs.