Letters of Support in 2006

from Altai Republic

for Altai Mir University



  T.M. Sadalova, Executive Secretary, National Committee for UNESCO, Altai Republic
•  Vitaliy Sogonokov, IT Department, Ministry of Finance,
Altai Republic

  Svetlana Buidisheva, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Development, Altai Republic
•  Klara Erdakova, Vice-Head, Ust Koksa Region,
Altai Republic

  Ivan Chandyevich Chaptynov, Citizen of Altai Republic




T.M. Sadalova, Executive Secretary

National Committee for UNESCO, Altai Republic


Dear Carol,

           I would like first of all to express how happy I am that you sincerely love Altai and believe that Altai has a crucial role to play in the emergence of world peace, which gives special urgency to its development needs. It is pleasant to realize that you are really concerned about the fortune of our republic and its people.

           The National Committee for UNESCO in the Altai Republic is the newly opened organization. The Presentation of the committee was held on September 21st and 22nd  2006 in Gorno-Altaisk. It should be mentioned that bilateral cooperation between UNESCO and the Altai Republic dates back many years and has been reinforced by the inscription of five natural sites under the denomination “Altai - Golden Mountains” on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998, by the presentation of cultural and natural sites of the Altai Republic at UNESCO Paris Headquarters in October 2005.  

          The Government of the Altai Republic and the State Assembly-El Kurultai of the Altai Republic decided to open the National Committee for UNESCO in order to take necessary measures in safeguarding and revitalizing natural and intangible cultural heritage as a basis for sustainable development of the Altai mountain region.

Our work is aimed not only at the preservation and revitalization of the region’s natural and cultural heritage, but also at the reform of the education system, the development of the basic sciences and the support to new information technologies for sustainable development.

We completely support the efforts of Altai Mir University to participate in the process of development of the Altai Republic. It is significant and urgent to bring international resources to the region for its sustainable development.

           We hope for a fruitful collaboration with you. Together, our contributions, willingness to see your noble task’s actual life and shared objectives should ensure the success of our collaboration. 


                                                                                                             Yours truly

Secretary-in-chief of the National Committee                                    T. M. Sadalova

for UNESCO in the Altai Republic




Vitaliy Sogonokov, IT Department

Ministry of Finance, Altai Republic

Dear Carol Hiltner,


The Ministry of finances of the Altai Republic and the Committee on entrepreneurship, industry, transport and communications development of the Altai Republic realize the project on multi-service communication network. A contractor for the project is LLC “K-Traid”, an amount of the contract is 16,657,800 rubles ($600,000). The Committee has planned 26,107,000 rubles ($940,000) for development of communications and telecommunication, and for development communications through Altai Republic national company “El-Telecom” that exploits radio communication line. Also is it planned to spend 1,800,000 rubles ($66,700) for ‘Electronic Altai” in 2007.  Total amount of planned expenditures is 44,564,800 rubles ($1,600,000).


The project of multi-service network aimed at providing sustainable connection (data transfer, videoconferences, IP-telephony) between finance departments of rayons of Altai Republic (including all 92 settlements where we will install satellite antennas) and ministries in the city, using noise-immune, resistant to spontaneous changes of connection quality. That is integrated telecommunication environment that provide united environment of telecommunication and informational resources of state government bodies and local government bodies of the Altai Republic by inserting a corporate network that use separate digital channels and satellite VSAT terminals that can provide necessary speed and quality of connection. The general structure of the network is the multilevel system where each level agrees with a group of objects that represent some specific functions.


We request you to accept our application and to consider a variant to connect population to Internet and to provide assistance for this project.


Best regards,


IT department

Ministry if Finances

Altai Republic

Vitaliy Sogonokov 




Svetlana Buidisheva, Deputy Minister

Ministry of Economic Development, Altai Republic




Klara Erdakova, Vice-Head

Ust Koksa Region, Altai Republic


November 30, 2006


Dear Carol Hiltner,


The fund “Kurultai of Altaic people” and Social and Cultural Center of Old Believers of Verhniy Uimon where museum of Nikolay Rerikh and Elena Rerikh is situated, ask you for taking notice of our application, and considering and providing assistance to realize the program of culture development of Altaic and Russian people living in Ust-Koksinski rayon.


From our part we have buildings, land, local railway and cultural values (clothes, museum exhibits) in villages Sugash and Verhniy Uimon. Also 1,000,000 rubles will be provided for active policy of the placement service. We want to establish informational centers in our rayon and develop culture, languages and museums from the standpoint of establishing ethnographic museums in the open air.


Approximate amount of co-financing for this long-term project (10 years) is $100,000.



Ust-Koksinski rayon


Klara Erdakova




Ivan Chandyevich Chaptynov

Citizen of Altai


Attraction of students to the practical decision to all sectors.



If you would like participate, please, fill in the form at the end of this page.



      Altai              Carol Hiltner, Altai Mir University

      Mir                ñ/î Marina Tyasto, Siberian Academy

University           for Public Administration



Date:  21.12.2006

The name of the organization: the Citizen of Republic Altai

Name of the contact person: Chaptynov Ivan Chandyevich

The phone: with. Óñòü-Caen street. Òóãàìáàåâà 84




 The description of your project as you want to participate

    Country facilities(economy) ×ûíòûåâà of I.CH.increase of manufacture of cattle-breeding production of Open Company “ Young rural builder ”. Deep and without waste processing of wood manufacturing of building materials and rendering of building services. The international social movement: “Development territory – Young Creators” attraction of youth to creative work, creation of new manufactures. For the solving of questions of development of economy, ecology and social problems.




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