What is Kai Chi?
An explanation of Altai spiritual and throat-singing lineage by Urmat Yntaev, leader of the award-winning Altai Kai musical ensemble.

Matay Qara
A rare transcription of the beloved Altai epic, as sung by the legendary throat-singer Alexey Kalkin. 14mb pdf

What Is a Kurgan, and Why Does It Matter?
Explanation, maps, and charts by Danil Mamyev of the well-documented and critically important energy fields around Altai kurgans

Altai Bilik
An excerpt from an unpublished translation of N.A. Shodoyev's ground-breaking work on Altai spiritual traditions

Svetlana's Plea
Svetlana Katynova's case for international support for registration of traditional indigenous lands in Altai.

Leadership and Traditional Culture
A compelling speech given by Danil Mamyev at the 9th Global Leadership Forum, Novosibirsk, 2007

In Honor of Altai Elders
An international perspective on the importance of Altai, for inclusion in a new (2011) book by Svetlana Katynova on the traditions of Ust Koksa region (including Mt. Belukha)