Joyfully reground your soul!
May 8-9, 2010 • Daybreak Star, Seattle

Co-sponsored by Altai Mir University
For further info, contact, 206-525-2101
Registration required by May 5th

Saturday evening 5:30-9:30pm
Archetypal Mask-Making
with Carol Hiltner
  • Shapeshift into an aspect of yourself who wishes to be heard
  • see Mask-Making slideshow
Playshop: $35 including materials
Native American box dinner: $12

CAROL HILTNER‘s playshops crack open your genius creativity, by acknowledging that real art is the expression of life energy. The mechanism is very simple, and huge fun! We will use paper, colors, and various “found” objects to create playful masks that can free us to deeply experience the archetypal energy that the mask accesses. Group members inspire each other, and the creative energy simply bursts forth. All ages are welcome, of course!

Carol Hiltner is a visionary artist/author/activist who facilitates the awakening of human potential by acting as a conduit for the cosmic life force that is funneled into Mother Earth through the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia. Her books and paintings convey this healing energy, and her activism is founded on it. Through the nonprofit Altai Mir University, she creates events and processes that support the Altai people to protect and maintain their sacred land and culture.

Sunday 10am-3pm
Ceremonial Change Process
with Dineh wisdomkeeper
Patricia-Anne Davis

Learn ancient Dineh way to resolve your challenges so they STAY resolved!
Seminar: $35
Native American box lunch: $12

PATRICIA-ANNE DAVIS is a Choctaw/Dineh diagnostician and practitioner. She will teach her “Ceremonial Change Process,” which is useful for true healing at all levels - individual, commercial, societal. Patricia will walk you through the powerful 4-stage process, which you can then apply to any problem for which you intend a solution within the “natural order.”

For the past decade, Ms. Davis has shared this profound indigenous healing modality with the people of Seattle, while continuing as a truth-teller for the Diné people. See the interview from the April 2010 Voice of Choices magazine.